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if you smoke peyote or knows what that means.

comment me and i'll add you.
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happy birthday to meeeee :]
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++i brag about you to everyone, your one of the coolest kids i know. we'll be hanging out and your so awesome, hilarious, you can be mean but its always in like a funny way, at least when were together. then i hear about wht you say about me, i dont know which person to believe. i can never tell if its joking, or if your serious. and it sucks, because i really like you. not in a boyfriend girlfriend way but in a way that makes me wanna be really good friends with you. i've known you for a couple months, and everytime i'm with you i feel like peeing my pants with laughter. i got your senior pic today, you look awesome.

++seriously, your the first person to do this to me. its like you casted a spell on me. first, youliked me, and i was iffy. then i started to fall for you, once you had me, you got bored and ended it. i dunno what to do. i try to hate you, i try to not like you, but its all hiding what i feel. when i see you i get jittery. i miss holding your hand, i miss you holding me, i can't hear those songs without thinking of you, it kills me whenever i hear them. i can name them all. i dont know what it is about you that keeps pulling me back in. it needs to stop, but it wont.

++this kid, has always been there for me, no doubt. but i feel like what his friends say about me, changes what he thinks about me. his new group of friends, they're not good enough. he deserves the best, you were always the sweetest kindest kid i know and i feel like thats changing with your new clique. your still sweet and still an awesome friends, and i'm sure you'd be there in a heartbeat for me, but i miss the old you. when YOU wanted to hang out with ME, when you'd call me or text me just being a friend. i miss it, i dont nkow, maybe theres something more about you, maybe not just friend feelings. i dunno, i consider you one of my best friends, i hope you do to.

++i miss you so much. i see you in the hallways and hear abuot what you did this weekend, and it sucks. we were best friends, not tjust close friends. but the friends that you dont even have to make plans, you just know that we'll have sleepovers every night and be nonstop with each other. it just sucks, i miss hanging out with you, i try to be friends but i just feel like i screwed up to much for you to even think about it. we've gotten closer than last year, i wont lie, but still i just miss beiing your best friend, and you being mine. i hope you know i still care for you and if you needed me, i'd always be there. i guess when im older and i look back on my teenage years, ill tell peopele about all the times i had, and i know that you'll be in almost all the stories. i still love ya.

++i feel like recently i've seen a different side of you, i dont know if its good or bad. just different. i still love you to death, i dunno what it is though, maybe we dont hang out enough and then when we do, its like an overload. im not sure but, uhh, i feel like we get along better when were talking online or on the phone. that sounds weird, like were weird cyber sex partners. haha its just thats what i feel like different than i did. mayabe its just the last time we hung out i dunnoo, but its different

++ i dunno why i decided to write this, i guess a lot has been on my mind lately and i just need to get it out. this isn't all thats on my mind, just all that i can handle for the ti me being. i dunno who i'm writing this for, i think ultimately im writing it to myself. or anyone, who'll listen. it just needed to get out, its been piling up inside me. so..there ya go.
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